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Our Services: 


Air Freight:

Our expert service delivers of you the entire world by air from point to point.

Ocean Freight

Red Wolf Global has partnered with the best -Known maritime contractors  and sea freight carriers for covering all the major trade routes around the world.

Project Cargo

Red Wolf Global excels in transporting  heavy and oversized cargo which requires skill and expertise. We are with experienced teams for various types of oversized cargo.


Perishable Cargo

Red Wolf Global excels in shipping climate controlled, chilled and frozen cargo whether by air or by the sea.

International Moves

Red Wolf Global expertise ensures your move is a success no matter where you move to, no matter where you come from in the world. Our expertise will assists you in every single step of the way and guarantees a stress-free international move.

International Logistics Consultancy

Red Wolf Global always ready to help you. When your company needs consultancy concerning routing, billing, warehousing, 3PL matters or concerns, etc., anywhere along the process, you can turn to us.

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