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Red Wolf Global

Red Wolf Global is a new breed of international logistics company. We are active, professional, experienced and innovative. We are exactly the kind of company you need to make your international business a success! Through our professional staff, our agents and subagents we offer a world class logistics service.

We handle everything from air freight, ocean freight , commercial cargo, project cargo , exhibition, relocation cargo, perishable cargo, and trucking, consulting etc.

Our Vision

We are a diverse, profitable world leading transportation and logistics service provider which is held in high esteem by clients of and is a highly desirable company to work for.

Our Mission

We always exceed our customers’ demands for a personal and professional service by offering innovative quality logistics solutions for global sea, air and road supply chain services as well as complimentary specialist services. We are known for dependability to all clients, whether large or small. We are ever learning and ever improving. We also strive to keep on top of market changes through using advanced technological tools yet always primarily maintaining the human touch.We will maintain financial stability through a fair and reasonable return for our efforts.

Our Values

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. We satisfy our customers with the highest quality services available on the market. We respect and recognize the contributions, dedication and initiative of every member of the Red Wolf Global team.

The traits we value and aspire to are:

  • Dependability

  • Communication

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Teamwork

  • Goals orientation

  • Productivity through systems

  • A constant learning environment

  • Being open and transparent both internally and externally

  • A safe working atmosphere


Our Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • The level of treatment that we give to our Red Wolf Global colleagues will determine the level of service they provide to our clients, thus, we consider our people as a highest priority.

  • In order to stay on top of the market, we invest in our people and our infrastructure. We look to the future, plan our position there, then take the necessary action to see it come to fruition. To do this we need to see what others cannot. We need not only to be ahead of the trends but rather to be the trendsetter.

  • It is our customers who allow us a good standard of living so we treat them with respect and the highest level of service available.

  • We believe that open communication is both vertical and horizontal and is a requirement to successfully undertake our work.

  • We must constantly sharpen old skills as well as learning new skills. There is a great benefit in cross-training teams as well.

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