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Red Wolf Global moves High Pressure Separator to Rayong


Red Wolf Global recently moved an High Pressure Separator from Thailand’s main port, Laem Chabang, in Chonburi to the eastern Thailand province of Rayong.


The cargo began its journey from Germany’s largest port, Hamburg, which took 30 days to reach Thailand’s main port Laem Chabang.


The HP Separator a 67 tons is a separation device that is used in the cement industry for grinding systems equipped with tube mills, roller mills and high pressure grinding rolls.

Once the HP Separator arrived at the Laem Chabang port, two 120 mt cranes were used to lift off the 67 tons HP separator and positioning on the low bed six axle truck trailer.


Due to the weight of the cargo, police permission for required for the road transport. The Red Wolf Global team this permission as well as a police escort for the 75 km trip from Laem Chabang port to Rayong province. The Red Wolf Global Thailand team had located a special truck trailer due to the cargo weight.


Once the HP Separator arrived at the destination, our team used two 120 mt cranes to lift off the HP Separator and position it to its new home at the TPI Polene company in Rayong province.


Important details of the cargo:


  • Volume: 67 tons

  • Width: 2.35 m

  • Height: 2.35 m

  • Length: 6.75 m

  • Cargo Origin: Hagen, Germany

  • Port of Origin: Hamburg, Germany

  • Port of Destination: Rayong Province, Thailand

  • Overland Delivery Distance: 75 km



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Thailand Project Cargo

The Thailand based Red Wolf Global specialists are very well-suited to quoting, booking and supervising Thai project and breakbulk consignments. We are based in areas where it is very problematic to find high-quality experts who know what they are doing and can deliver a quality result in this trade.


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Laem Chabang Global Industrial Cargo

Red Wolf Global’s professional team of shipping experts create Thailand-based supply chain solutions for your heavy industry business. From distributing out-of-gauge consignments for your specific industrial needs to managing the exceptional discharge of the task at hand, Red Wolf Global is in front of the scenes as well as behind the scenes getting the hard work successfully done.


Red Wolf Global has long time know-how in providing dependable, proactive and efficient logistics services for specialized oil & gas customers wherever we operate. Our expert Thailand team offers specialized logistics and support for your industrial projects. 


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Our own global network and our partners in XLProjects, we work with the right people, with exceptional partners in important industry hubs around the world as well as locally, on your own job site. Safety and standards are the strongest focus when it comes to carrying out our Thai supply chain the project cargo business.



We are eager to be your Thailand logistics partner. For expert Thai international cargo services contact Red Wolf Global.

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